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Exclusive to ZG Rents, the Phonemitter is a handheld solution for monitoring iPhone images on set. Simply plug the phone into the hand unit and it's good to go (the hand unit will charge the phone while it's working).

Available with options of a 1600 or 3300 ft (line of sight) receiver, the Phonemitter incorporates a zero-latency (less than .1 ms) FCC-approved chipset, the same as used in industry leading transmitter systems such as the Teradek 3000.

Unlike apps or screencasting, the Phonemitter utilizes the phone's external port to access the screen image, leaving more resources to the phone's processor to avoid recording issues.

The unit is balanced and comfortable to hold and can be used in portrait or landscape, with a variety of phones (latest model iPhones are preferable to maximize frame rate of the monitored signal).

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